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Machine Reconditioning / Specialist in Spindle

1)  We recondition the Machine when they become irreparable in normal course, this is discuss with the customer at length to decide the scope and limitation.

2)  Reconditioning estimate is done by us after dismantling the machine and through Inspection of All the mechanism for malfunctioning.

3)  Costing For reconditioning and Duration, require will depend on result of through inspection, This will be discuss by customer and on his exception process is carried out further.

4)  If the customer decides not to go for reconditioning , they labour cost for Machine Dismantling ,cleaning, Inspection and estimation will be reimbursed by costumer to Pawaskar Engineering Immediately, costly will depend on number of days spent by us , and they expertise involved.

5)  In Such case if the Machine is to be re assembled as it is, customer will have to pay for re assembly cost.

6)  Machine Alignment and performance cannot be 100 % as per original test chart and specification, but they can reach 70% to 80% of original value.

Machine Maintenance

1)  We Can Handle Conventional Machine in the range from Raw Material Cutting To Finish Grinding Operations.

1)  We Can Handle these Machine For Up Keep And Improvement for Performance, when the Machine are Not Performing as per Expectation by Original Equipment (O.E) Designer.

1)  We Can Handle Mechanical Hydraulic pneumatic Coolant Systems to Repair malfunctions.

1)  In the process of Maintenance If Electrical Electronic Systems, Need any Services we higher them from outside.

Machine Modification / Retrofitting

1)  As per the need for customer we are able to Modify the Machines , Fixture, Tooling, Electrical and Hydraulic System to Suit customer requirement. This is Possible is if and Only if basic machine Structure allowed such Modification / Retro fitment.

Machine Shifting / Installation

Industrial Shifting or Dismantling Services are far different from any other services. It requires a Lost of time and master services supplier like Packers Industrial Shifting Services. Our team are experienced, reliable and efficient. Shifting Machinery requires a well coordinated effort of all parties involved including the owner, the Machinery manager to the trucker.

When a company plan to shift machinery to another location they want that machine to be transported wisely without any damage or failing in this case Packers Machine shifting service provide every essential packing to the whole machine and after dismantling we carry that machine to its destination in a safe condition.

Design Support

1)  During Maintenance / Modification Retro fitment some time Original Machine Catalogue.

2)  In that Case we Higher Design Support from outside to the understand the Machine in a better Way and to get Appropriate Design drawing made for replacement/ repairs spare, and for modification part.

3)  If Any Changes in Electrical/ Electronic circuit are envisaged, we have expert design services.

Electricals Controls / Re Manufacturing

The electrical control method for CNC machine tool determines the performance of the control system. The machine tool is essentially an electromechanical energy conversion device, to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy for processing. Therefore, the distribution and management of electrical energy is the guarantee for the machine, playing a role similar to the human heart.

The machine tool electrical control system consists of the machine tool power supply and distribution system, the spindle control system, the feed axis control system, the cooling oil pump control system and other auxiliary equipment control systems. PLC is introduced to improve the electrical control, especially the electrical switch control. In this paper, PLC is mainly used to control the cooling motor, pump motor and other auxiliary electrical control systems.